Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Secret

OK, Ladies, I've discovered the secret to getting the pounds to just FALL off!!! Bear with me as I tell the story...

As you all know, the economy is currently in the toilet. We are self-employed, and our industry relies heavily on the success of the Real Estate Market...which you also know is currently in the toilet. Long story short, I have started helping my sister with her house cleaning business. There is never a shortage of work, and she often has to turn people down because she just can't clean ALL of those houses!

I started out helping her one or two days per week during the month of April. When May arrived, people began to request cleanings for their summer cottages. As a result, I found myself helping her three days per week for the entire month. The days that I clean with her begin very early in the morning....I leave home at 5:45 a.m........and end well into the evening. There is no sitting in front of a computer for eight hours. We are in constant motion trying to get the houses cleaned as efficiently as possible. Most days I eat breakfast, pack a sandwich for lunch, and eat a little supper before I fall into bed exhausted. I began to notice that my clothes were starting to fit a bit better. Slowly, but surely, I had a bit more wiggle room.

I was curious to see if I had lost any weight, so last week I hopped onto the scales at one of our regular houses and was DELIGHTED to see that I have lost a total of TEN POUNDS!!! WOOT!

This past weekend I switched out my summer and winter clothes. When I got to the bottom of the summer clothes, I saw a few things that were impossible to squeeze into last summer. A few of them actually fit! There are still some that represent my weight loss before I turned 40......I'd like to get into those comfortably before the end of the summer. I hope the cleaning market doesn't begin to suffer from this economy!!!