Saturday, July 9, 2011

Starting Over...Again

I have said it over and over and over.

"I have got to lose weight."

"This time I am serious."

Over and over and over and over....

I finally figured out that I cannot do this alone.  So yesterday I visited my doctor to get some assistance.  Bloodwork is completed (nothing has really changed since last time).  EKG is completed. 

A plan is laid out.

A food plan.  Not a crazy plan where I can only eat cantaloupe or something like that.  My doctor is all about moderation. 

An excercise plan.  Not a crazy plan where I have to work out for 5 hours daily.

And a prescription for phentermine to get me started on the right track.  I will let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Secret

OK, Ladies, I've discovered the secret to getting the pounds to just FALL off!!! Bear with me as I tell the story...

As you all know, the economy is currently in the toilet. We are self-employed, and our industry relies heavily on the success of the Real Estate Market...which you also know is currently in the toilet. Long story short, I have started helping my sister with her house cleaning business. There is never a shortage of work, and she often has to turn people down because she just can't clean ALL of those houses!

I started out helping her one or two days per week during the month of April. When May arrived, people began to request cleanings for their summer cottages. As a result, I found myself helping her three days per week for the entire month. The days that I clean with her begin very early in the morning....I leave home at 5:45 a.m........and end well into the evening. There is no sitting in front of a computer for eight hours. We are in constant motion trying to get the houses cleaned as efficiently as possible. Most days I eat breakfast, pack a sandwich for lunch, and eat a little supper before I fall into bed exhausted. I began to notice that my clothes were starting to fit a bit better. Slowly, but surely, I had a bit more wiggle room.

I was curious to see if I had lost any weight, so last week I hopped onto the scales at one of our regular houses and was DELIGHTED to see that I have lost a total of TEN POUNDS!!! WOOT!

This past weekend I switched out my summer and winter clothes. When I got to the bottom of the summer clothes, I saw a few things that were impossible to squeeze into last summer. A few of them actually fit! There are still some that represent my weight loss before I turned 40......I'd like to get into those comfortably before the end of the summer. I hope the cleaning market doesn't begin to suffer from this economy!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Did You Hear....

That giant thud?

Yes, that was me falling off the diet wagon.

But today, I am picking myself up and dusting myself off and climbing back aboard.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Try

Most of you know I have been have some major thyroid issues for the last year and a half. It came on all of a sudden along with twenty pounds. Good bye size eight. Hello size ten and a pitiful attempt to diet . Exercise not so much. But I do a lot of walking. Things are going good, I loose a few pounds.

And then three or four months ago the clothes get tighter, I eat less, walk more , I feel like crap, tired as hell, go back to the doctor , the thyroid has gone hair wire again and I have put on another 15 pounds. Now I am almost at the weight I was when Little T was born except this time there is no baby to show for the weight gain. Good bye size ten and hello size twelve! I was a 165 pounds as of April 13th! Don't even ask if I was depressed.

So I get a higher dose of thyroid, I began to feel less tired. I am still watching what I eat. I begin to walk more. Up to three miles a day. I get the Sketcher Shape Up shoes and I love them! I could almost sleep in them they feel so good! I also love what these shoes do for your posture. They make you walk with your shoulders back and you can feel that in your core.

So this morning I hop on the scales and weigh in at 159 pounds! Yep~ I'm back on a roll!

Why does getting older have to suck?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alli Update - Week 2

Total Pounds Lost:   2.5!!!!!!!!!  Yippee!!!!!!!!

I don't know if Alli should get the credit for the weight lost.  The credit should probably go to the leaving of Aunt Flo.  Water weight, ugh!  But whatever the reason, I'll take it.

There has been no sharting!!  Yippee!!  One huge thing that Alli does - it causes you to think twice about what you put in your mouth.  I have deemed it the 'Shart Factor'.  When faced with that possibility, that deep fried cheese stick isn't quite so appealing.

I also signed up (again!) for Weight Watchers Online.  Having to enter everything you eat on that website makes you think twice about what you are eating as well.  Especially when you watch those points count down and you think My God, I still want to eat supper tonight!!

It has been cold and rainy so my exercise has consisted of inside stuff.  I played several rousing sets of Wii Tennis with Pita (Btw, she can kick my ass!).  I also dvr'd a couple of exercise shows on Fit TV so I worked out with Gilad:)

So get up.  Get out there.  We can do this!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alli Update (Alternate Title: Too Much Information)

Well, here I am - one week into the Alli program.  So for all you interested parties, this is the down and dirty.  For all you uninterested parties, what the hell is wrong with you?  Kidding!  But if potty talk gets you down, then click away now!

  • Pounds lost:     .5 (Damn, Aunt Flo, for bringing on some lovely water weight!!)
  • Sharting:          1  (My own fault - went to the Pizza Hut buffet.  Thankfully, I was at home!)
  • You are supposed to take Alli three times per day, with each meal.  I have a tendency to forget the third one.  That might make some difference in how much weight I lost.
  • I have not experienced any stomach upset.  You definitely know the fat is not being absorbed by your body.  The whole oil and water not mixing thing is very evident in the toilet.  Plus mine has been BRIGHT orange!
  • My fat discharge is not immediately following the meal.  It is the next day.
  • After the whole Pizza Hut Incident, I started wearing a pantyliner.  Just in case.  Thus far, hasn't been needed.  But it makes me feel better knowing I have some protection.
  • A BRIGHT orange shart stains.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I went shopping yesterday.  Had too.  Could not fit my behind into any of my shorts from last summer.  Do you know how disheartening that is?

So today, I am serious.  I know, I know.  I have said it all before.  But I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Besides we just got jetskis and I really need to be a whole lot cuter out on the lake this summer.

So here is the plan.  I am exercising.  I rode my bike this morning.  I am trying to get a gang together to walk in the evenings.  I am even getting Vol Fan on board.  I challenged him to try to do a half-marathon next summer!

I had a major purchasing event at Sams Club yesterday.  Lots of stuff for salads.  Things to grill.  Oodles of fruit.  Huge box of Skinny Cow :)  A girl needs her sweets especially when she is dieting or she runs the risk of completely derailing!

I also purchased a starter pack of Alli, the weight loss supplement.  The claim is that for every pound you lose, Alli will cause you to lose another 1/2 pound.  I will take all the help I can get. 

It is supposed to keep your body from absorbing fat, passing it out via your digestive track.  Which, according to the label, can cause some digestive distress (ie - VERY loose stools) if you overdo on fats at mealtime.  Just that knowledge will make me think twice about fried foods, etc.

I will be the guinea pig.  And I will let you know how things go!

But I need your help, fellow losers.  I need people to hound me.  Harrass me at every turn.  Daily.  So please, please, please crack your whips!