Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alli Update (Alternate Title: Too Much Information)

Well, here I am - one week into the Alli program.  So for all you interested parties, this is the down and dirty.  For all you uninterested parties, what the hell is wrong with you?  Kidding!  But if potty talk gets you down, then click away now!

  • Pounds lost:     .5 (Damn, Aunt Flo, for bringing on some lovely water weight!!)
  • Sharting:          1  (My own fault - went to the Pizza Hut buffet.  Thankfully, I was at home!)
  • You are supposed to take Alli three times per day, with each meal.  I have a tendency to forget the third one.  That might make some difference in how much weight I lost.
  • I have not experienced any stomach upset.  You definitely know the fat is not being absorbed by your body.  The whole oil and water not mixing thing is very evident in the toilet.  Plus mine has been BRIGHT orange!
  • My fat discharge is not immediately following the meal.  It is the next day.
  • After the whole Pizza Hut Incident, I started wearing a pantyliner.  Just in case.  Thus far, hasn't been needed.  But it makes me feel better knowing I have some protection.
  • A BRIGHT orange shart stains.


  1. Okay, I am trying desperately to breathe after choking on a cookie while reading this. I am not sure I am up to bright orange sharts.

    Post again next week. Maybe I'll be ready for them by then.

    Seriously, thanks for letting me know what you think of Alli. I'm still tempted.

  2. Well .5 is better than what I have done! I really think I have gained a few more pounds. But I am sticking with my walking program. I hope these Sketcher Shape Ups prove to be worth it! Keep up the good work Woody. Orange stains and all I am proud of ya!

  3. Love it! I have stepped up my walking and it is actually helping--although it took a week before the scale even budged. But oh well!
    Thanks for the FF, the video story was sooo funny!! I will be following you back

  4. Well, wine just came through my nose as I read this. (Note to Self: Don't drink and blog.) I am SO proud of you for sticking with this, despite the whole sharting thing!! I hear that orange is the new brown...;) You are going to be HAWT when you come to Blog Fest this summer...hint, hint.

    Due to the crappy economy, I have been spending a lot of time doing odd jobs. I'm helping my sister with her cleaning business once per week (it's usually a fourteen hour day for me, and I LOVE it!!), and last night I helped with catering duties for a private party. Oddly enough (NOT), my clothes seem to be getting loose due to the increased activity. I'm heading to the gym tomorrow and will weigh myself in order to determine if I'm right, or if it's just wishful thinking:/