Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Try

Most of you know I have been have some major thyroid issues for the last year and a half. It came on all of a sudden along with twenty pounds. Good bye size eight. Hello size ten and a pitiful attempt to diet . Exercise not so much. But I do a lot of walking. Things are going good, I loose a few pounds.

And then three or four months ago the clothes get tighter, I eat less, walk more , I feel like crap, tired as hell, go back to the doctor , the thyroid has gone hair wire again and I have put on another 15 pounds. Now I am almost at the weight I was when Little T was born except this time there is no baby to show for the weight gain. Good bye size ten and hello size twelve! I was a 165 pounds as of April 13th! Don't even ask if I was depressed.

So I get a higher dose of thyroid, I began to feel less tired. I am still watching what I eat. I begin to walk more. Up to three miles a day. I get the Sketcher Shape Up shoes and I love them! I could almost sleep in them they feel so good! I also love what these shoes do for your posture. They make you walk with your shoulders back and you can feel that in your core.

So this morning I hop on the scales and weigh in at 159 pounds! Yep~ I'm back on a roll!

Why does getting older have to suck?


  1. Woot! Back in the saddle! Hope they can get your thyroid regulated soon. Vol Fan's mom has a type of thyroid problem called Hashimoto's. It causes her thyroid levels to swing - she is forever changing her meds.

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  3. Good for you! You give me hope:)

  4. As long as we never give up the fight - it's alway a good thing!

  5. Thyroid problems are terrible especially until they get it under control. It took them 5 years to get mine regulated but now it's pretty good. I go in yearly to be tested.
    I lost sleep, my hair got really thin, my nails broke all the time and I can tell when it's time to have it rechecked and changed.
    It will all work out, good luck and keep up the great work.
    Have a great weekend and God Bless!!!

  6. Lookin' GOOD, GF!! Keep up the good work because you inspire me:)

  7. getting older does not suck. that sucks. (Without getting philosophical and/or religious, of course...)

  8. It took years to find my issue as my thryoid. It has been painful emotionally as well as physically. I eat very little and an all natural and gluten free diet. No sugar. I can't lose the weight. I am taking new meds now but the weight is not coming off.

    I hope you continue on this positive trend! I'm so happy for you.