Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Did You Hear....

That giant thud?

Yes, that was me falling off the diet wagon.

But today, I am picking myself up and dusting myself off and climbing back aboard.


  1. No, I couldn't hear you over my own house-shaking footsteps.

  2. Never give up - no matter how many times you fall!

  3. The only way to fail is to stop getting up. Wait. Did that sound wrong? You KNOW what I meant....;)

  4. Sorry to hear about Friday Follow. I loved linking up.

    I have been hosting Follow Me Fridays at Trendy Treehouse for a while now. I would love to have you join in.


    Hope to see you there! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Diets are so hard. Hang in there! I think it's great that you are sharing your journey online. It always helps when you have someone to talk you through the ups and downs of dieting. :)