Thursday, July 30, 2009


I was thinking that this could be a space for all of us to be authors, posting recipes, exercise tips, things we are struggling with, etc. So if you want to be an author, send me your email address. I'm at familygene2001 at gmail dot com.

I thought I would put a space in the sidebar for each of us. In that space, you can lay out your daily goals and tell us whether you met them or not. That way if you are struggling, we will be able to see and hopefully provide some encouragement and motivation.

For me, putting it out there for all to see makes me want to do better. It's the people pleaser in me, I guess.

Or we could do a google spreadsheet (maybe something like this) that we all have access to. Heck, I don't know.

If I knew anything about html, I could probably rig up something cool like individual tabs or something. But I don't. If anyone does, have at it!!


  1. Ugh...
    Is this where I admit that I'm still working through my psycho "Google is taking over the world therefore I don't want a blogger profile" crap? It looks like I'd have to work through that if I want to sign up.

    How's that for an opening whine!

  2. You are right. Google is a soul sucking monster!!

  3. Oh man! If I use google reader do I have a blogger profile? Or do I need to sign up at Blogger?

  4. i think i said i was in--am I confused?? Ok count me in!!!

  5. I think anything that makes us accountable ROCKS!!