Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Having A Good Week!

-Packed lunch every day so far.

-Have been drinking more water, but have needed to add those Ocean Spray flavors.....Cranberry Pomegranate. YUM! (Made with Splenda)

-Gym: Yoga Class Monday; Recumbent Cycle Wednesday; Will go to Yoga Class tomorrow, and do some form of cardio Friday. This is the most on-track I've been in six weeks!! YAY!

-With the exception of some brown rice, I've laid off of the carbs this week as well.

-Going to dinner with the gals from church tonight. Mexican. I Googled "Healthy Choices at Mexican Restaurants" and I'm all set to stay on track!!

How is YOUR week going?


  1. I blew my whole week of good eating by going all day due to deadlines, and then going to open mic at a local restaurant bar, and ate a nice portabello mushroom salad, but then someone had to go and order french fries and onion rings...Yikes, I have to learn to slap my hand down...I would be in trouble if we had mex here, I have gotten good about ordering salad, no rice or beans...better choices help!

  2. I have been on track this week. Walking everyday and taking good choices for lunch. Plenty of water and too Sangria at that Mexican restaurant!
    I will weigh in when I go for my check up today. All in all...I'm feeling wonderful!

  3. What healthy food is there at a Mexican restaurant? I haven't figured that out yet.