Friday, September 18, 2009

Feeling Fat Friday

Yep, Feeling Fat! Must be my time of the month if I had one. Belly fat hanging like a new picture on a freshly painted wall. Any suggestions on how to fix that other than liposuction?

I kept on track with my walking this week. Tuesday through Friday- 2 one mile walks each day.

Food and water- more carbs than normal and so so on the water. Need to fix both. Gosh I have been slack. Someone needs to slap me!

Got a great check up on the thyroid this week and I still weigh the same. Can I loose any more hair???

Got lots of bloating going on but I will see what tomorrow brings. It ain't good but it ain't as bad as it has been. Collard greens?

Hang in there gang! It's not always easy! We can do it!!!


  1. Good for you on sticking with the exercise!! Here's to next week being a 'feeling skinny' week!!

  2. The hormones do make it all frustrating, huh? I hate it.

    Yes, we can make it...just keep at it and you will get there...I try to restrict salt even more the dreaded bloating week.

    Hope this week proves better for you and I will come up there and slap you whenever you want me to...just say the word!!! LOL

  3. YOU EXERCISED.....that's huge and you should be proud of yourself!

    I hear sister about the hormones - I've got that going on right now. I don't know about you - but I usually have a 4-7 lb fluctuation going on during then! Hang in there and get the water going, I find that to be the biggest help.

  4. You might FEEL fat, but you didn't LOOK fat in church today. In fact, I thought you looked HAWT!!

    You are doing SUCH a good job of keeping up with your exercising...and it shows! The eating part can be SO difficult! Of course, it would have been rude to refuse to eat spaghetti last night when a little baby was counting on us for support, wouldn't it?

    SO glad to hear the thyroid is under control. You had me worried there for a while:/

    You still have BIG hair...