Friday, September 11, 2009


Do you know what happens to me when I have a stressful week?

And during that week, I get a visit from Aunt Flo?

And during that week, I receive bad news?

And during that week, Vol Fan is away from home?

And that week happens to be during Halloween candy season?

Help me! I'm drowning!!


  1. Get out of the house! Go for a walk, go to the library, hell - call Alan! He'll take your mind off of wanting to snack! lol

  2. don't buy the stuff. clean the hall closets, pack up old things to give away, dig up a flower bed and plant new flowers. make a list of what you can look forward to - sign up for a class.... DON"T buy the STUFF,

  3. Take that stuff to the local elementary school. Ride your bike up there! Do it now!!!!
    Think about the pounds you have lost. Take control!!!!

  4. I am not going to say the same things the others have said, because you already know what the real answer is...go ahead and eat however much you want to eat. It's all fat free anyway. know WHAT you need to do, but you have got to WANT it. I love you and I want you around for a long time so we can get into LOTS of trouble together...LOTS. I will hold your hand, but I will not tell you NOT to eat badly.

    If you want to do it...than do it, you know where the answer is...things feel out of control right now and you eat how you feel, only it will only extend the problems further. Yeah, it's wonderful while we are in the midst of a sugar high, but the real issues will still be there when you come back down.

    I wish I was there with you right now. {{{Big Hugs}}}

  5. Just LOOK at that CRAP! Have you ever seen ANY of those colors in nature??? I think NOT!!! GROSS! Step AWAY from the artificial colors and dyes....;) Go ride that awesome bike, and congratulate yourself on a job well done! You. Can. Do. It.