Friday, September 11, 2009


Snow White announced last week that she had decided to become a vegetarian. After the initial SHOCK wore off, I realized that she was serious, and that it was my job to ensure that she still continued to get all of the protein and vitamins that she needed. I'm still not sure how the spawn of two happy carnivores ended up a vegetarian, but I'm determined to make it work...for her sake.

As a result of this epiphany, I have been focusing more on using fresh veggies, peanut butter, eggs and beans of all varieties in my cooking. For dinner the other night, I fixed a delicious brown and wild rice dish with diced tomatoes, black beans, feta cheese, lime juice and cilantro. It was AMAZING, AND healthy! Of course, CB and I had baked chicken with ours. We ALL had a fresh spinach salad:) YUM!

It's true that little changes add up to big results, and I think my whole family will benefit from this slight shift in eating. CB and I will continue to eat our beloved chicken and fish, but perhaps the veggies will begin to take up more space on our plates.



  1. That is really an awesome change!! We are headed in the same direction in this house. Share some of your recipes as you develope them and your problems and triumphs. There are a lot fo great vegan blogs and even some semi-vegan blogs that feature a lot of great recipes.

    I made a southwest chicken salad that could easily be adapted for a vegan by excluding the chicken and I got that recipe from Mckmama's blog. I am taking that yummy salad for tailgating along with some fresh fruit.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Can not wait to hear the progress report!!

  2. What a great reason to shift your eating habits! I find that the girls and I are eating more "white" meats - chicken and turkey, while only having red meats a few times a month.

    I have a sneaky suspecion that my youngest, Cg could easily go that path, as she asked about becoming veggtarian just last night! I'm not ready to let her go down that path yet (she's only 9) but I feel it coming -- so bring on the recipies!

  3. BTW-I just read your comment about not having been to a doctor in 4 years(I moved this from there to here)-Big hair.....consider this your kick in the tush! Get thy hiney to your doc - if for nothing else to get your blood pressure checked! People don't realize that High BP is a silent killer - most people don't ever realize that they have HBP and can stroke out from it!

    I lucked out (sort of??) - my BP spiked at 190/130 and my HBP was found and treated. 4 years later, my doc and I are looking at either lowering or eliminating the meds due that my BP was LOW (103/83)!


  4. I have a friend that is vegetarian. Well now, she is vegan. She is probably the most fit person I know. For her, it is a matter of prep - having her menu planned out, etc. But isn't that planning something that we all need to do anyway!

  5. I am not a big meat eater so I think this is real cool. I live on veggies, fruits and cheese and look how fat I am! And I know those beers are fat free! Cdub and Little T are carnivores and look how skinny they are. Maybe I need a steak!

  6. BHE- now get your ass to the doctor for a check up! I dont like funerals.