Friday, September 4, 2009

Festive Friday

This has been a great week for me. I have stayed on track!

I have had plenty of water with limited alcohol intake.

I have walked a mile twice a day four days and will do it again today.

I have had plenty of fruits and veggies. I had pizza once (three slices dammit). It sure was good too! That was my carb rush for the week OK? My fiber intake is keeping things moving.

My Dr's appointment went well yesterday. I had a good report. My iron count was a little low(from the meds) but the multi-vitamins should care for that. I have been less tired this week and I feel pretty darn good right now. My thyroid treatments will end on November 5th! I see light at the end of this tunnel!

So I weighed in this morning with 2 more pounds lost~ a total of 9 pounds so far! I'm feeling a little festive!


  1. Noe....THAT is just awesome and I can even hear your energy in your words!! I am so proud and happy for you. We are gonna all be some hot mama's huh?

    What kind of vitamin will you be taking? Any specific brand? I am on the hunt for a good multi-vitamin and woud love your input.

    Do you think the cooler temps and lack of humidity has played a role in your spirit as well as your success...9 pounds is huge...have you dropped a clothing size?

  2. Marlene- I am just on a regular multi- vitamin from Walmart or BJ's brand. It does help. I have dropped one size from a 12 to a 11ish-10ish. Never thought I would see that day again but low and behold. I have not been this big since I was pregnat with Litte T. I also think not drinking 100 beers a week has helped. Both with the weight and feeling better. I will get Cdub to take some pictures. If you can stand the sight of an old lady with no hair!

  3. Awesome!! I am so glad you are feeling good. And you know what losing all that weight means?!? Shopping!!!!