Friday, September 11, 2009

Need WW Snack Ideas

We're into the points thing under a week, but I am hungry. I suppose it's a nervous habit because on the days I worked and was out of the house? 12 points total for the day and I felt great. When I'm home? It's into the flex points. Keith and I both have such an emotional attachment to food. I eat if nervous or bored or angry or happy! Every occasion is marked by eating. He often has a meal and three hours later claims to be starving. It's emotional, I think. He disagrees.

Any quick ideas for low point-worthy snacks? Keith goes away for Cub Scout camp this week-end, and I think if I can find some 1 and 2 points non-fridge snacks, it will be easier for him to not be so hungry. Snacks would also help him eat smaller portions at meals.

Finally, not getting on the scale again until we are a full week into this. I derive comfort from that big window!


  1. Sugar free jello cups are perfect as well as those 2 pt muffins I made a couple of posts ago...I also snack on rice/corn/and whole grain cakes when I need a munchie snack. Also...that is when I grab some water and just drink is filling and good for me.

    Also, by packing more into the "meals", I am less likely to snack.

    Bob Green suggested a mint strip or a piece of gum is great because it gives your mouth something to do and takes away the mental thought to snack.

  2. Fiber One chocolate bars are 2 points each I think. They are really awesome. All of the Fiber One bars are.

  3. For me, I love having veggies handy (celery, radishes (something about their spiciness takes away my hunger), cauliflower, etc). I also have the pretzel sticks (the skinny ones) - on WW, 20 of them are only 2pts.

    Another huge thing is protein....I try to add cheese or peanut butter (in moderation) or a low fat ham/turkey.

    I'm getting ready to experiment with a granola - but without all the sugar and fat. I'll let you all know how it goes!

  4. What about fruit? I like to make a smoothie with strawberries and blueberries and a spoon of Activia yogurt and if you add a bit of protein powder it really sticks with you.

  5. The 100 calorie packs are all 2 points on WW. Some of them are like cardboard, but if you want something sweet the new Chips Ahoy Fudge are very good. And they also have the snack mix, like Chex Mix, and that is good. I also like the Ritz chips 100 calorie. I like these, because it forces portion control, and if you eat them slowly, it really helps keep your brain fooled, thinking "Hey, I'm eating all the time". That is my problem, I feel like I always have to be munching on something.

  6. Baby carrots. I can't get enough of those things:) My whole family enjoys low fat string cheese...and that really fills me up!

    T - Let me know how your granola experiment goes. I like the Kashi granola bars.