Monday, September 28, 2009


Yes, I'm still around. Yes, I've been reading your posts. No, I haven't been posting or commenting on your posts. I'm sorry. I'm in a funk.

I'm proud of all of you for sharing the good and the bad! Being accountable is half the battle as far as I'm concerned.

I haven't been on the scale in weeks. I haven't done any "formal" exercise although I have been gardening, painting, climbing on ladders, hammering and other general household chores for the past few weeks. Last Monday and Tuesday I rocked out with Pearl Jam, working up a really good sweat for 2+ hours each night. I also drank my share of beer and wine, thankfully not to excess!

My self talk has not been very nice. In fact I've been spending a lot of time telling myself how miserable I am, which is really not like me, hence the funk I'm in. I really need to snap out of it. Hopefully sharing with you will give me the boost I need to get over myself and just get moving!

Keep up all of your good work! I love reading what you've been up to.


  1. Personally I think you are awesome so tell that to yourself:) You are strong. You are creative and talented. You are valuable.

    I have really been working on trying to find the root of all my 'misery' talk. When I catch myself doing it, I write it down - trying to figure out what exactly I am feeling and why. It has helped.

  2. Hey there stranger. It's good to see you here. We all get in a funk every now and then so don't beat yourself up.
    Here the "BOOST" you were looking get over yourself and get moving!

  3. I get like that more times than I care to count, so I can totally relate with you. It can be really difficult to point our finger on what is stressing us out and why...maybe a little pre-emptive senioritis for the oldest baby in your life? Hang in there and realize that you have had a rough summer about yourself and give you a big hug until I can do it in person.

    You are going to Oyster Fest, right?

  4. I'm going to echo what everyone else has said, but add this - sometimes, we just have to be in that funk. I find that by "allowing" myself to funktify (yes, I made that up! lol), I do it and then it's over. It's when I start worrying and re-hashing it that it seems to hang around a lot longer than when I just let it run its course.

    Try doing something you really enjoy, that makes your soul sing.

  5. I, too, think a small funk can be beneficial because the motivation that follows can seem like a new start. As for the lack of "formal" exercise, I think you've got us beat. Gardening, climbing ladders, dancing? Your heart must love you! Keep moving. The funk WILL fade.

  6. I have been in a funk as well. SO, here's a ((BIG HUG)) from me to you. Let's get back on track, and be nice to ourselves. Deal?

  7. First off Hello:) Thanks for dropping by my site.
    Second, I wondered how long that kid was on top that car too! Hmmmm, just don't know.

    Now, Funks are draining and horrible. I can say that now because I just came out of Funk #25 ho-humnis! Good thing I didn't read this yesterday:) Listen the good thing is that your Funk won't last forever;) When it gets better let us all know, OK?