Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Friday Check In

Yeah I know it's Saturday! It's been a crazy week at work. Way too many computer problems.


Another decent Big Bunch of Losers week for the Noe Noe Girl. After what seems like forever trying to get back to a decent weight or size, I can tell my hard work is beginning to pay off.

Exercise- Tues thru Friday- Two 1 mile walks twice a day- got the mile walk down to 15 minutes! My walking partner doesn't sweat but I do. I don't hate her....MUCH! I owe her big time for keeping me on track with the walking.

Food- plenty of veggies, cheeses, eggs and watermelon. (plenty of peeing too!) I did blow it on Monday when I ate a bowl of spaghetti but I enjoyed every bite! It was a holiday!

Water- not as much as I should have. And I need to do better. I drank too many coffees but I was cold this week. The weather is getting chilly here. Not an excuse I know but it's all I got. I drank plenty of beer last Saturday but that was because I had to deal with the dysfunctional family pool party. Nuff said! The rest of the week I only had a few.

I have lost another pound which brings me to a 10 pound weight loss! My size tens are not as snug. I think the walking has played a big part in the way my clothes fits. People at work have noticed and made comments. That makes me keep "at it"! Plus I saw a picture of my thighs on Facebook this week from this summer and I wont even repeat the words that parted from these lips! I still have a ways to go but I'm gonna get there.

I'll share with you one of my favorite sayings....(it's OK if you make it one of yours.)

"You can slow me down....But you can't stop me!"


  1. You are awesome!!

    And I love that saying. I think I will adopt it!

  2. Get it, Girlfriend!!! I'm totally going to be checking you out at church tomorrow;)

  3. Good girl!!! That motivation of having other people notice must be wonderful.

  4. I am just thrilled for you. You must be feeling so much better!

    You inpsire me and one day very soon we will be taking some "much skinnier" photos of us together!!

    Have a great week and keep up the hard work!