Saturday, August 15, 2009


Last week I made the following goals... Walk 3 times, go to Curves 3 times, stay wheat free and post a couple recipes. Three out of four is not too bad.

I accomplished each of my goals except staying wheat free and my stomach paid a little. Gah, it's just so hard!

I'm going to stick with the same exercise goal this week. It was hard enough that I had to work at it, but not too hard that I couldn't do it! Again I'd like to go wheat free this week, we'll see how that goes. I have a couple soup recipes I'd like to share too. Same goals this week as last week.

I weighed in the same this week as last week. I can live with that!


  1. Hey not bad at all! Take it easy like I do on the carbs~ yeehaw for not gaining. You are doing something right! Keep up the fantastic job! Together we WILL get there!

  2. Hooray for meeting your exercise goals!! I don't think I would know what to do to go wheat free. I can't seem to even go low carb:)

  3. Get it, GIRL!!! Keep doing what you're doing! Next summer, we're having a bikini party;)

  4. I eat gluten free 89 % of the week. That way my digestive system stays clean and it allows you to drop more weight than some one who eats wheat... I also drink plenty of water each day, I know it sucks, I gave up caffeine and sodas fifteen years ago, but I still have natural teas and limeade once a week as a ice cream, but a scoop and believe me it is hard. I can put away a box of Little Debbies in a minute flat, but that is the devil for me processed foods!

    I am a chef too, so believe me I am there as well, and I LMAO at your dancing while cleaning out the what? House...sure put the music on, and start dusting!

    I like the pool though, my fav, and dancing!