Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fat Fandango

The Noe Noe Girl Friday Fat Fandango!

This week.
Exercise ~ walked 20 minutes twice a day.
Also climbed 2 flights of stairs twice a day!

Eating- I have done well this week! No meat.
(only because I have been too lazy to cook it.)
My family is almost ready to disown me!
Veggies, Fruits and Cheese!

Lots of water for me this week. I have cut down
on my beer intake. I started on multi vitamins
just in case I am not getting all the nutrients I
need from my beer and lime. I also have been
adding lots of fiber to my diet.
Keeping things moving along helps with weight
loss and also makes me feel better.

My doctor adjusted my thyroid medicine a few
weeks back and I seem to feel better and
I feel like some of my energy is back.
Now if I could just get some of my hair back!
All in due time I guess!

I have had a few carbs but sparingly. Only one small
bag of Doritos and a few Ritz crackers. I love
the garden vegetable flavor! I even broke them
in half as I was eating them to make it seem
like I had more.

I weighed in this morning with 2 pounds
more pounds gone! I put on a size 10
Capri without having to lay down! Never
thought I would see the day! So that
is a total of 7 pounds lost!

I still have this gut that keeps following
me around. I guess I am going to have
to break down and do some type of sit up
to deal with that thing.
But right now I just feel like dancing!


  1. That is just awesome!! Garden Veggie Ritz? Where have I been. I am definitely going to try and find those this weekend!

    Keep up the great work, Noe!

  2. Way to go!!! It's such a great feeling to move into a smaller size! Congratulations!

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Woot! I am SO proud of you. What a week you have had!

    Dance, baby, dance!!!

  4. You are my HERO:) What an awesome week you've had!! When we're both back in a size 6, we are SO going shopping...