Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello, I'm Big Hair Envy, And...

I need a support group to lose this freakin' weight! Last winter, I hosted the Blogger Butt Smackdown. Unfortunately, I did not fully accomplish my goals. However, in May I got serious about getting my lazy butt to the gym. I have since taken over 60 yoga or pilates classes, and I am starting to see results. Only five pounds lost, but too many inches to count! YAY!

It's hard to admit, but once I turned 40 my body went to hell in a handbasket. My knees dropped, and my butt moved south to "back up" my knees! Did I mention the gut that appeared out of nowhere??? Well, I am going to fight it with everything I have!!!

The exercise classes will be easy to keep up, but I have a problem with food. And wine....I think I could give up food if I could keep the wine!!!

My goals are to continue to exercise regularly, to drink more water, and to cut back on the carbs. Any tips???


  1. Stick with those pilates, chick. You would not believe the abs my sister-in-law is developing from pilates. She hasn't really lost any weight but things have shifted, turned in muscle or something because she looks damn good!

  2. Stick with it chickie! At least you are seeing some results and you are doing SOMETHING!

    Now I need a game plan of some kind!

  3. Stay with it because I can definitely see the results!! You look so amazing.

    This year will be a whirlwind of activities and stress as you get SW ready for college. You will see the weight come off...promise. Remeber muscle weighs more than fat.