Monday, August 24, 2009

Lessons from Fitness Magazine

I have a stack of magazines that I haven't had time to read. I am subscribed to them until the year 2020 thanks to Magazine Drives by various schools and nieces and nephews going to said schools.

One of the magazines that I subscribe to is Fitness. The intention was to help keep me motivated. The problem? In order to stay motivated, apparently you have to be motivated to start with;)

Anyway back to the story - Yesterday was such a glorious morning. Cool. Sunny. So I decided to sit on the patio and catch up on some reading. I picked up Fitness April 2009 issue.

My plan was to get all kinds of useful tips on weight loss and exercise to share with you guys.

So here is what I got:
  1. Eat less
  2. Exercise more

Ok, so maybe I got a little more than that. But I didn't write the post yesterday and now I can't remember. And I already 'shared' the magazine with my neighbor so I can't thumb through it to refresh my memory.

Have I inspired you? Are you looking forward to next month's issue?


  1. My GOODNESS that's inspiring!! Makes me want to go get an ice cream cone, or something...!!!

    Perhaps WE should start a health and fitness magazine for REAL people with REAL problems...:)

  2. Eat less, exercise more. Eat less, exercise more. Eat less, exercise more... Maybe if I say it enough times I will do it!