Sunday, August 16, 2009

Feelin' GOOD!

Well, week two is a distant memory. Here are my "fat stats" for the week:

Exercise = 3 hours
M,W,F - Yoga

I didn't go to as many classes this past week, but I worked harder in the classes I DID attend. I'm pushing myself to try the more challenging moves, and to not settle for the easier options. I also splashed around in the pool one evening, and tried to stay busier around the house....instead of sitting on my posterior!!

Water and food intake were about the same. I went out to eat one night, and put half of my meal in a to-go box before I started eating. I tend to pick at my food even after I'm finished, so I figured...out of sight, out of mind...and belly!!

My goals for the coming week are to attend at least three exercise classes (and to find a way to work a pilates class into the mix), to eat more fresh veggies, and to not drink as much wine. We will continue to work on getting the garage enclosure straight, so I'm also hoping to spend less time on the sofa watching the boob-tube!

One of my friends said something this week that I thought was hilarious. It will be my mantra for a while....."If you can't TONE it, TAN it"!!!! Words to live by!!

Heading out to the pool now....;)


  1. Love that saying! I may even steal it! Keep up the good work-I envy how you are so committed to your yoga. I dont think I could do that alone- I am so lazy when it comes to exercise.

  2. Yep, everything looks better with a tan:)

    Good for you! I am so proud of your dedication. I think putting half of your meal in the to go box was a VERY smart move. If it is there, I will eat it!

  3. Awesome job!! If you keep up that yoga you will be toned in no time.

    Love the words to live by, I knew someone in high school who used to say the same thing!